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Intranet your employees use.

You know your intranet should boost productivity and help you hit your targets more consistently. But it’s rarely used by the employees in administration, and never by your staff who don’t sit at a computer.

Now, there’s a new way of doing things, because your employees all have smartphones in their pockets. And, with your own New Intranet app installed on their phones, it’s easy for them to access information and features that can:

  • Help team leaders keep staff in the loop
  • Ensure team members are on-track to hit regular targets
  • Monitor supply chain progress for smoother projects and greater success

New Intranet is a new way of doing intranet; available everywhere, useful to your staff and designed from the ground up to boost your company’s output.

New Intranet works on both personal and corporate smartphones, tablets and computers, helping out-of-office workers stay connected.

Main Benefits

Benefits of Intranet

Easy to use for the administrators and your employees

Intranet your employees will actually use

Across all platforms and devices, both desktop and mobile

Send push messages to all your users

Your own app on App Store and Google Play, branded as your company

Custom extensions possible. Tailor it to fit your needs


Employes can access the intranet through apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, as well as by browser on PC or Mac

Once content is published, the app will automatically update to show the new content

No limits to the amount of content. Organize into categories and menus to make navigation a breeze

Send messages to inform employees when important content is added

News articles are published to a separate newsfeed – the perfect landing page for your intranet

Ask simple questions and gather feedback instantly

Add quizzes with multiple questions. Used for training, fun or to gather employee feedback

Send messages to inform employees when important content is added

Let you employees find each other easily, with direct links to e-mail, SMS and phone.

Enable sharing for public content, and let your employees help you make it viral through Facebook, Twitter and more

Follow usage statistics live to see how many uses your intranet and which content is most popular

Have frequently used forms in your company? Enable fillout and delivery directly from the app

The app works perfectly well offline, and will automatically update the content as soon as connection is established


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From $900per year
  • iPhone and Android
  • Shared app with other customers
  • Unlimited content
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Free e-mail support
From $6900per year
  • iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Your own app on App Store and Google Play
  • Fully branded as your company
  • Unlimited content
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Free support
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